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  • Discounts

There is a discount for children who is 15 years old or below accompanied by an adult. Furthermore there is also a discount for students and seniors.

  • Receipt

The receipt will be sent on e-mail. Please notice that there is not value-added tax on route bus tickets.

  • Where do the buses drive from?

You can see all of our stops and links for interactive maps of the areas here: Stops

  • Have you not received your ticket or credit note?

Be sure to check that our e-mails does not end up in your spam-folder. If your e-mail provider (ex. Gmail or Hotmail) thinks that our emails are spam they will not end up in your inbox bur in the contrary it will end up in a special spam-folder. You will always be able to find these e-mails in your system.

  • Student or senior

If you have ordered a student- or senior-ticket you will have to be able to present a legitimate ID-card for the respective ticket type. Students have to show a legitimate and valid student card. As an alternative the confirmation of enrolment combined with a picture ID-card will be sufficient. Seniors will have to be able to prove with a picture ID-card that they are older than 65 years old. Incapacity benefiters will have to show their pensioner-card with a valid picture ID-card.

  • Ticket prices
  • Tickets

At you will only have to use the ticket that you have received per SMS. It will checked at the check-in at the chauffeur. If you have ordered a student- or senior-ticket a legitimate and valid IC-card for the respective ticket type will be requested.

  • Credit note

A credit note is an automatic generated code which consists of numbers and letters. The credit note is attached to the phone number which were used when the original ticket were ordered. The credit note can only be used with that exact phone number. You can at any time be informed of the balance on the credit note by sending an e-mail to, where you write the following in “add a subject”: “Saldo + credit note code”. Credit notes is valid for 3 years from the time it was issued.

  • Cancelling a ticket

You have to cancel a ticket two hours ahead of departure online, at this place: Cancellation. When you cancel a ticket you will receive a credit note consisting of a code. This code can be used at future orders at

  • Changing a ticket

At the moment you change a ticket by cancelling it first and thereafter ordering a new ticket. When you cancel the original ticket you will receive a credit note on the e-mail that you informed us of. Use the credit note when ordering the new ticket and the original balance will be subtracted from the current price. Ex if you have ordered 4 tickets but you have to cancel 1 ticket, you will have to cancel all 4 tickets and thereafter use the credit note to pay for the 3 tickets that you need. The remaining amount on the credit note can always be used at another order or you can choose to request a reimbursement with a fee of 100.- dkr.

  • Chargers (facilities in the bus)

Our own buses have all been supplied with chargers for ca. every fourth seat. I buses that we rent there may be less. As a baseline all of our buses have comfortable seats, toilet, footrest etc.

  • Luggage

The ticket includes up to 25kg in one bag + one handbag. It is possible to buy an additional of 25kg of luggage. With reference to big travel days like Christmas the additional service of extra luggage is limited to 20kg.

  • The departure I am looking for is not on the website?

We seek to make our departures available as soon as possible. However we can not guarantee that the departures are available for more than 4 weeks in advance

  • There is a difference between the time on my ticket and the timetable

It is always the time on the ticket that is correct. This is due to extra departures or to adapt the driving times extraordinarily. Ex at the holidays or school vacations. Therefore remember to check the exact departure time in your SMS-ticket.

Contact Rute700

You can contact us by phoe or mail
+45 27 27 00 00

Opening hours in our customer service

Monday to Friday 10:00-15:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday. Closed

Note: You can only order tickets online on the website. Booking by phone costs a fee of DKK 25,-

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2650 Hvidovre
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